Letter from Peter Lee about the Closure of our Dunbar Store

The Following is a letter from Peter Lee announcing the saddening news of the closure of our Dunbar Location.


March 18, 2011

Dear Staff, Family and Friends of The Well on Dunbar,

As an ancient Sage once said, “There is a time for everything…”
There is a time to open a coffee shop, and a time to close a shop. The Well opened up in 1997 at a time when I knew very little about business and coffee.  My intent was to be a place of friendship and a place for conversation.

Over the past 14 years, we have had the privilege to work with over hundred staff, many of whom have become more like family to us, and many now live in different parts of the world!  Over the years, we have also had the privilege to know many of you, our friends and loyal
customers of the Well.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives!  From this small shop, I have witnessed divorce and weddings, drunkenness, generosity, and theft; precious moments with loved ones and great friendships over coffee.  I have attended quite a few funerals in the past years, and we have seen quite a few new babies as
well, including three of my own!

Such is life.  When the block accross from us was torn down, the business environment changed in our neighborhood, and we have not been able to serve more people more effectively.  Thanks to our staff and to you, our faithful supporters over the years, we have stayed open till now.   As of April 1, our Dunbar store will be closing its doors.

Our store at Regent College/UBC will continue to serve you, and we do plan to open another store in the future.


Thank you for teaching us, encouraging us, and supporting us over the years!  Many of you have expressed your appreciation for us, and we are grateful for your comments.  I am not around the store much these
days, but feel free to contact me at 604.808.3271 or at thewellcafe@gmail.com.

Please visit us at our other location at 5800 University Blvd., inside Regent College


God bless,

Peter Lee