What is The Well Cafe?

“The Well is more than a coffee shop; it has really become a part of our daily lives. For many of us, you guys are more like family,” said one of our customers.

Wells for water are virtually obsolete in our society. We have much more efficient ways of getting water piped right to our own homes. There is no longer a need to bring a jar, walk to the well, lower the bucket, and fill the jar.

A well, however, was much more than a place to get water; it was a place where one farmer had the opportunity to chat with another farmer. It was a place where people saw each other in the course of their busyness. It was a place where one would get a breath of fresh air, and have a window of opportunity to reflect and think about things on his mind.

I would not want to move back to the old system of water wells, but I hope technology will not rob us of taking a moment to deepen friendships and to cultivate a relationship with God by reading, reflecting, journaling, and enjoying a great cup of coffee.

The Well is a place of refreshment. We are uncompromising with our coffee and our food is getting better each season, but food and drink is only part of The Well. The Well is about finding a moment of peace and reflection in a hectic day, smelling the roses in a concrete world, and if you come often enough, it is a place where people will know you by name. Many of us that serve at The Well are far away from home, and we are family to each other.

People come for our atmosphere as much as our food. So we invite you to come to taste and see for yourself. While you’re here, check out a book of quotes, or get a diary and begin a journal, or choose a new CD to listen to.

On this site you’ll meet some of our staff, and see some of our simple but freshly made panini sandwiches and rich aromatic coffee that you can find in our store. See you around!


The Well began in 1997 as part of my graduation project at Regent College. For four years, I sat reading, reflecting, and thinking, and it was finally time to get up and live what I learned, and practice what was preached, all in the context of a neighborhood coffee shop.

Little did I know that the education of my soul was only just about to begin.

Today we are still being shaped and formed, but the Well, which grew to two locations, one kitchen operation and 15 full and part-time staff, is now a bit smaller with only one cafe. We are still growing, but not in size, more in quality. Quality comes from letting the natural colour and flavour come out; and that goes for coffee beans and human beings.                                                                                                       ——————————
Peter M. Lee, Owner
The Well Café
Vancouver, B.C., Canada